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Ever had your favorite skincare brand stop making your favorite product? I am a lip balm fanatic, so when my favorite tinted lip balm was discontinued I was on a mission to make it myself.  I looked up the ingredients and was horrified when I realized that there were over 30, most of which I couldn’t pronounce!!  Scratch that idea!  From there, I set out to make a simple natural version.  Who knew a simple little lip balm could take over 6 months to perfect?


But that’s how serious I am about getting it right (although the perfectionist with a bit of OCD in me probably also has something to do with it).  I want my customers to feel confident that they can trust the products that they’re putting on their skin.  I also want them to be able to feel beautiful, both inside and out.  My Rosy Citrus lip balm was my original creation, but there’s been so many more exciting things since then, and more to come!  The best part?  My products average less than 10 ingredients – they’re completely natural and I promise you can pronounce it all!


So where do honey bees play into all of this?  Well, let me tell you about this amazing thing called the Minnesota State Fair.  There’s these things called cheese curds….no wait, sorry, wrong story!  Drawing nearly 2 million visitors each year it’s the 2nd largest in the country.  In addition to all of the wild and crazy foods, you can actually learn all about bees and bee farms in the great state of Minnesota, and discover all of the interesting benefits of honey bee byproducts.  We're not talking about those pesky guys that will sting you if they so much as think you're looking at them no, we're talking about honey bees. The fairly docile buzzers that you'll usually find in your flower garden, minding their own business and hard at work.


Now given the fair audience, most of the focus is on edible things (honey ice cream, anyone?), but there were also hints of other topical uses as well.  The wheels started turning and there it was: the spin that I wanted to put on my products and what truly makes them special.  Totally natural products, with the added "bee power" from honey bees. 


I’m on an ongoing mad-scientist quest to discover all the ways natural ingredients (and #beepower) can be used in amazing ways.  We handcraft all of our products using only natural ingredients in small batches to ensure the highest quality.





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